Thousands to Hold Peaceful Gun Rights Rally at Rep. Peduto’s Office Amid Controversial Gun Bills.

Pennsylvania rally for our rights Monday, January, 7th 2019.

Pennsylvania’s aren’t known to rest on their laurels, especially when their rights are under attack. They gather in masses to let their legislators know their concerns.

January, 7th will be no different.

After the synagogue attack in Pittsburgh on October, 27th. An attack that left 11 dead and many injured. Pittsburgh’s Mayor, Peduto (D) vowed to make it much more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms.

Peduto has voiced concerns over arming teachers in schools and armed security guards for synagogues and churches.

Mayor, Peduto joined by Governor, Tom Wolf introduce three gun bills aimed at combating “gun violence”.

  1. An assault weapons ban within Pittsburgh city limits.
  2. Accessories, ammunition and modification ban barring items such as bump stocks, armor-penetrating bullets, sawed-off rifles, and large capacity magazines.
  3. The introduction of red flag laws. Which enable courts to temporarily prohibit a person from having guns if law enforcement or immediate family members show that the individual poses a significant danger

All of which can be found not only in cities but states across America. States like New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. Backed and pushed out by the Bloomberg group Moms Demand Action. Regardless, None of which has been known to reduce or stop crime.

Peduto has also asked Mayors across Pennsylvania to adopt similar laws. However,  Pennsylvania has a firearm preemption law, which makes it illegal for cities to enact their own local gun laws.

On January, 7th, 2019 gun owners and citizens alike are encouraged to come out to the rally and help protest these illegal and otherwise unconstitutional laws.

The rally is to be held outside Peduto’s office. 12 P.M (Noon) 414 Grant Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219



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