Trump Did Visit The Troops, Many in The Media Have Egg on Their face.

The media’s partisanship is showing again.

The media’s bias was on full display over the Christmas Holiday. They reported breathlessly on Trump’s failure to visit the troops on Christmas Day.

The mainstream media was left out of Trump’s travel plans to visit the troops, and for obvious security reasons.

After Trump’s surprise visit to the Troops, the media had to start backpedaling to cover their blatant bias.

Many in the media had egg all over their faces after the Trump troop debacle, so to make up for that blatant show of ignorance, they turn to Melania Trump’s visit attire.

How do we make up for this they asked? I know, let’s turn to Twitter and see who’s complaining about whatever and use that as our headline.

Bingo. Melania Trump’s boots.

Yahoo news turned to five blue check marks on Twitter to make their point.



Melania Trump wore Timberland boots in the desert, a combat zone, and the media is making fun of her boots as though they expected her to wear Dolce & Gabbana high heels in a war zone. As if she didn’t know red bottoms heels were war zone attire

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