Trump’s Approval Rating Soars- with enemies like this, who needs friends

By Rob Morse | SlowFacts

President Trump did a good job with his State of the Union message. America is back at work. Trump accomplished that despite the opposition of the democrat party, and largely without the help of establishment republicans. I think we should also give credit where credit is due. Democrats took a hard turn to the left since they regained control of congress. That drove Trump’s approval ratings to up to recent highs.

Even CBS had to say that Trump did well in his speech. By their numbers, 76 percent of viewers liked his message. That includes approval by 82 percent of independent voters. The crazy posturing by Democrat Stacey Abrams didn’t hurt Trump’s numbers.

The over-worn cry of racism is wearing thin. That is particularly true when minority and female unemployment has fallen to record lows. Trump’s numbers would have climbed higher without the media spin.

The president has been largely disliked after taking office. That changed in a big way after the State of the Union message and the democrats regaining congress. Trumps poll numbers went up to 52 percent approval among likely voters. That was a 10 point increase in 9 days. The democrats helped in a huge way..really huge.

This is what the democrats said in the last few weeks-

  • Democrats claimed that the Trump economy was so bad that we’re getting less money back from the government in our tax refunds. They deliberately ignored the fact that Trump’s tax cuts meant the government was taking less of our income as taxes in the first place.
  • Democrats said we need to increase taxation to 80 percent so society is fair and just. That fails the sanity test as more and more politicians are indicted for corruption.
  • Democrats proposed single payer healthcare. That is Obamacare on steroids.. and most of us remember how Obamacare failed.
  • Democrats said they need even greater control of education. That is hard to swallow given growing costs and declining test scores in government schools. With their armed security detail standing behind them, democrat politicians said our children should not be protected at school.
  • The Democrat “New Green Deal” was aimed at existing voters in socialist cities and largely ignored the concerns of flyover America. Democrats said we should eliminate airlines. That strikes me as particularly funny given Nancy Peloci’s recent hijacking of government aircraft to take 100 staffers and family members on a Mideast junket during the “government shutdown”.
  • The socialists in Big Blue cities are supposed to travel by train.. except in California. Polosi’s husband managed the California bullet train.. that the state just cancelled it after spending 77 billion dollars on a train to nowhere.
  • Democrats wrapped their socialist takeover of the economy in environmentalism. The democrats proposed eliminating fossil fuels and nuclear power in order to stop “global warming.” They said this while the upper US suffered from record cold weather. To their credit, the democrats may have crafted these press releases during the government shutdown and they didn’t notice the weather from their Caribbean resorts.
  • While their armed guards stood behind them, democrats proposed disarming the American citizen. At their carefully scripted meeting, congressional democrats proposed new gun prohibition while they denied Representative Steve Scalise the opportunity to speak. Republican Scalise was shot by a crazy Bernie Sanders supporter in 2017, so Scalise is an expert on how gun prohibition fails.

I know that the media lies for big government politicians, but even that has a limit with the voters. Democrats have only to look in the mirror to discover why the Trump’s poll numbers went up.

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