Trump’s hard stance on Mexico is having an effect, 204 migrants deported from Mexico back to Honduras

INAMI: Honduran migrants boarding a flight bound for San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

On April, 13th, 204 Honduran migrants, mostly families traveling with small children were deported from Mexico back to Honduras.

The 204 were given a flight from Minatitlán, Veracruz, to San Pedro Sula, Honduras in compliance with Honduran Government current migration rules and procedures. These migrants did not meet asylum status and were rejected.

Despite what one may come away with after watching the migrant crisis reported by CNN, MSNBC and NBC, what may seem like pro-migrant invasion coverage, calls to disband ICE and forget building a southern wall. The people of Mexico frown upon this behavior.

The Migration’s National Institute Tweeted out a report of the migrants heading back home, the response from their followers paint a different picture to what CNN and the like report.

Luisa a Mexican national Tweeted: “It is necessary to remove many more and with more reason to those who beat a Mexican family and all those who come to commit a crime.”



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