Two Men Shot In Armed Robbery Attempt Of A Lancaster, PA. Pharmacy (Video)


Two men attempting to rob Smithgall’s Pharmacy in Lancaster, PA, stopped when one of the men was shot in a hail of gunfire.

Galette and another man entered the pharmacy on West Lemon Street around 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday. Police said at least one of the men was carrying a loading firearm, pointed the weapon and started demanding money. That’s when the two men were confronted by an armed clerk who then open fire on the two suspects, hitting Galette multiple times.

After the gunplay broke out, one suspect fled the scene quick fast and in a hurry, leaving his bleeding friend behind to face the music.

They came here in broad daylight to Smithgall’s Pharmacy on the corner of a major thoroughfare in the city of Lancaster, so this was their target.  And the fact that shots were fired, I’m sure the second suspect’s not sticking around for any reason

Chief Jarrad Berkihiser

The gun used by the attempted robbers has been recovered and police are using the serial number to trace it.

Galette is in the hospital in serious condition.

The Smithgall’s Pharmacy is owned by Charlie Smithgall, the former mayor of Lancaster, PA.

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