Two Officers Shot Serving A No-knock Warrant

Man fearing for his family’s safety shoots what appears to be two armed home Invaders.

A father and his daughter fell asleep watching TV around 10 p.m. That’s when two officers serving a no-knock warrant in a drug-related case, forcibly entered the wrong apartment.

The father, awoken by the loud noise of the front door being kicked in, armed himself with a shotgun and fired one blast in the direction of the two unidentified officers.

After displaying judicial Marksmanship, the father soon realized it was two police officers. That’s when he dropped his shotgun, put his hands in the air and pleaded for his daughter not to be shot.

Police Chief Hank Stawinski said.

“We believed that we were serving a search warrant at that [suspected dealer’s] address.The investigation had led us to the wrong address. It led us to the address of a responsible hard-working citizen.”


“This man was devastated when he realized that he had fired upon police officers,” he told reporters. “He was as worried about their safety once he realized what had happened as he was worried about the safety of his own daughter.”


As a result, he said, the department will impose a moratorium on serving warrants until they’re certain each has been thoroughly vetted.

The father was not charged as he was in legal possession of his firearm and acting in self-defense.

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