UK: Muslim mob wanted over ‘abhorrent’ attack in which teen was stripped naked and assaulted


In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. The Democrats and leftist activist judges want to force the U.S. to keep our doors wide open to savages such as these. This is our everyday future, unless President Trump is allowed to implement sane immigration policies.

“Gang wanted over ‘abhorrent’ attack in which teen was stripped naked and assaulted,” by Zoie O’Brien, Express, March 15, 2017:

FOUR Asian men are wanted in connection with a “sickening” attack on a male student – during which he was forced to strip naked.

Images have been released by detectives after the young male was “lured” to a flat, imprisoned, forced to strip naked and assaulted in university halls in Preston.

The victim, 19, was visiting a friend at Sanctuary Halls in Moor Lane, Preston, when the brutal attack happened.

He had walked from the nearby University of Central Lancashire library.

But when he entered the flat, he was attacked by four men.

Another pair arrived and the teenager was punched, forced to strip naked and assaulted.

He tried to flee, but was dragged back into the apartment.

The group demanded cash from their victim who suffered injuries to his nose and face.

Det Con Richard Clancy, of Preston CID, said: “This was a sickening and abhorrent attack where the victim was lured to an address in Preston before being assaulted and threatened.

“The incident has left the 19-year-old very shaken and it is crucial we find those responsible….

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