Universal Background Checks Coming to New Mexico

Now with the Democrats in full control of the Roundhouse, citizens can expect not only to pay more for firearms, but now undergo more Government scrutiny.

Democratic Senators Richard Martinez and Peter Wirth have both filed a UBC bill that would make it more burdensome for citizens to legally purchase firearms.

Democratic Rep. Miguel Garcia proposed a House bill that calls for background checks for buyers at gun shows. What Rep. Miguel obviously doesn’t know is sellers at gun shows still have to follow state law. There is no such thing as a gun show loophole.

Locals KRQE News 13 spoke with Bill Lagattuta, he said: “I’m for it.”

Andy Montoya a local said, “It’s intrusive, that’s the problem with this bill.”

“The reality is, it doesn’t stop or curb any kind of gun violence whatsoever,” said Montoya, who is also a firearms trainer and NRA member.

Montoya said these laws don’t have an effect on criminals.

“They’re stealing these, they’re selling these guns for pennies on the dollar out on the street in the black market,” said Montoya. “They’re not gonna go to a gun show and spend full price, $500 for an average medium-size gun when they can buy a stolen out on the street for $100 bucks.”

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