VIDEO: Watch How EASY It Is For Terrorist To Cross The Border … IN CANADA!

Ever think about the World’s Longest Undefended Border? You will NOW.

When we think ‘Border Security’ we think Mexico.

Of course we do. People come streaming through that Southern border. Drug trade, for example, from Mexico is a HUGE concern.

It’s why ‘the Wall’ was an election issue that got attention.

We’ve seen Syrians with stolen passports trying to make their way up to the US from South America.

But what about the Northern border?

Considering the NEW Prime Minister is bending over backwards to throw open the doors of the US to any and all comers (because it’s the Compassionate thing to do)… ESPECIALLY Muslim states…

 Have you given any thought to that Northern Border?

That particular border crossing has been a notoriously difficult crossing to police. It’s been a smuggling point for decades, perhaps longer. Cigarettes were the big product for a long time, that may since have changed.

It’s difficult because the reservation there does not fall neatly into the boundaries of either Country, and jurisdiction issues come into play for law enforcement.

So you see two factors becoming relevant.

First… the undefended and easily crossed border.

Second… the rise in population among a group already under scrutiny for hostile intent.

Let’s complicate this just ONE step further:

Did you happen to catch the name of the City on the Canadian side of the border?


We couldn’t get the firm numbers before publication, but there was one headline from the Cornwall news that is of interest to this story:

Cornwall on government list to host Syrian refugees: report

Is that a big deal?

That depends on what their intentions are. The fact that the FBI is taking an interest in their connections to Terrorism is not a comforting sign.

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