West Virginia: Sunday Hunting Legislation Passes Senate, Heads to House

Today, the West Virginia Senate passed Senate Bill 345 by a 26-6 vote.  Sponsored by state Senator Mark Maynard (R-6), SB 345 seeks to expand Sunday hunting opportunities on private land with written permission.  SB 345 now moves to the West Virginia House for consideration.  Please contact your state Delegate and urge them to SUPPORT SB 345.

Currently, West Virginia allows hunting on Sundays in some counties on some private land.  SB 345 would remove the confusing patchwork of counties where hunting on Sundays on private land is not allowed.  While hunting is restricted in West Virginia in certain counties on Sundays, other activities such as fishing, hiking and target shooting remain perfectly legal on the seventh day of the week.  Between work, school and other obligations, Sunday hunting bans work to discourage hunting at a time when hunter recruitment and participation must be encouraged in order to save our hunting heritage.  Restrictions on Sunday hunting effectively treat hunters as second-class citizens and tacitly endorse the view of animal extremists that there is something wrong with hunting.

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