What Have we Learned From the Latest Virginia Mass Shooting?

Last week at a Virginia Beach municipal building a deranged 40-year-old city engineer killed 12 and wounded 4 innocent coworkers. We’ve also learned that the self-congratulating media is comprised of a bunch of degenerates who in some cases won’t outright lie, but commit lies of omission. What lies? Glad you asked.

We know the shooter was not a white, Christian or a white Nazi, if that were the case, that sweet bit of info would carry as the lead headline on every major news media outlet, and we would be hearing about that for months after. Rather, the shooter was black, a fact omitted on the first, second and third day of reporting by the fourth estate. And for obvious reasons. Their focus is to divide us and start a race war for whatever nefarious reason.


We know the building was a designated gun-free zone. Something we’ve been condemning for the last 10 years. We know mass murderers aren’t stupid, mentally deranged, yes. Stupid, no. We know from media reports, these shooters do their homework and specifically target gun-free zones. The absence of armed resistance makes for a higher casualty count.

We know an AR-15 was not used in the shooting. The AR-15, always mislabeled as an assault rifle or a military style weapon by the mainstream media. The media is either willfully ignorant or blatantly ignorant about the facts surrounding the AR-15 platform. A wealth of information is readily available to them from the Crime Prevention Research, founded by the leading expert on mass shootings, John Lott. But, they refuse to take advantage. Regardless, their talking points mainly come from anti-gun politicians. Politicians who seek to end civilian ownership of firearms.

Additionally, there is a cause and effect of ending civilian ownership of firearms. Take Socialist Venezuela. The Venezuelan Government ended civilian firearm ownership with the promise of protecting its citizens. Not long after, that same Government turned on its very citizens. Citizens who could not fight back because they did not have the means to. If socialism is so good, why is it always forced on the citizens by the end of a barrel?

We know a 45 caliber handgun with a suppressor was used. Similar to that of the Thousand Oaks bar shooter who used a 45 caliber Glock and multiple magazines to kill 13 and wound many others. We know these killers don’t need an AR-15 to be an effective mass shooter. Another fact we keep telling politicians and their lackeys in the media.

Furthermore, what more proof do we need. Yes, AR-15s are more accurate at longer ranges. However, if you are attacking a school, Church, or in this case a small municipal building, you are essentially shooting fish in a barrel. Accuracy isn’t as important as in getting off as many shots as possible. The propagandist wants us to believe the only way these killers can amass a high body count, is if an AR-15 is accessible to the shooter, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

We can’t stop mass shootings, but we can lessen the severity of them by ending gun free zones.


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