Why are the Police More Equal Than You?

By Rob Morse

New Jersey politicians don’t like you to have guns. They made it so hard to be an honest gun owner that lots of us gave up. The politicians recently passed a law that said you couldn’t have a gun that could hold more than 11 cartridges. Was this about safety, or is it bigotry aimed at armed civilians?

The new law meant you could only have a magazine that held 10 cartridges or less. Having a magazine that could fit more cartridges made you a felon. The law also applies to law enforcement officers when they are off duty. It applies to judges and politicians..or at least it should. I think the entire law is a mistake, but if we’re going to restrict magazine capacity then let’s restrict it for everybody without exception.

The law applies to off duty cops. The restriction should also apply to judges and politicians. (They are the elite few who can get a carry permit in Dirty Jersey.) The law should apply to the guards protecting the politicians in Trenton and the bailiffs in the courtrooms too. I see no reason that these elites are more important than my family or yours, so the law should apply to politicians, to judges, and to the people who protect them.

Let’s apply the law to everyone. If it isn’t a burden to carry extra ammunition and reload, then let’s apply the law to on-duty law enforcement as well. We were told this was a gun safety bill, so let’s all be safer, every last one of us. Or is that a problem?

Is this a safety law, or is it a bigoted infringement against civilians? Is this about safety, or is it law about the political clout of police unions?

If the law is a burden on the cops, then it is certainly a burden on law abiding citizens since the criminal who finally meets a police officer has already victimized dozens of civilians. If the law puts cops lives at risk then it also put civilian lives at risk. Or.. maybe this wasn’t a safety law after all.

If the law puts us at greater risk then it is a bad law. Don’t apply bad laws to us and let the elites escape their bad decisions. That is the definition of injustice.

Do we expect justice any longer in Dirty Jersey?

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